June 26, 2015 – From Sr. Mary Pat Cook

June 26, 2015 | Posted in For Contemplation

“Summer’s filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, and following your heart.”

This anonymous quote appeared in the cartoon “Mutts” as part of a “summer’s here” series. Edward Hayes has said that if God has a favorite season, it would be summer, a preference echoed in the hearts of students and teachers – and many of the rest of us. There is a freedom in our image of summer … a freedom that speaks of life, of fun, of joy … of God.

So often we struggle to identify what our God wants of us, what “the plan” is, which is the path that is “the will of God.” We want to do it right, to stay on the straight and narrow. If we read the gospel, however, we discover that Jesus wasn’t too worried about being straight or narrow – although he often spoke of doing the will of his Abba/Amma God. When we read his actions in the gospel, what we see of that will of God is not a following of rules. What we see is love, lived in freedom.

Ilia Delio, OSF, speaks of a God who loves love, who has a zest for life, who is life – a God who “is this infinite realm of possibilities.” She challenges us to “every day slow down, breathe and do something fun,” – a summer Spirit to be sure. Can I bring that summer Spirit to my choices? Can I trust enough in the presence of God within my own heart – and yours – to choose life, to be open to wonder and awe?

Can I make space to see that infinite realm of options? Can I believe in a God who is open to an infinite array of possibilities? With Ilia, can I hear God saying “Hey, chill out. We’re still working at this future together. Make a choice … choose something and then we’ll work with it. We’ll see how it can generate life.” Can I let God be God?

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