October 7, 2015 – From Sr. Barbara Wincik

October 7, 2015 | Posted in For Contemplation

There is a stanza in Psalm 51 from the book Psalms for Praying by Nan C. Merrill that goes like this: You have placed Your inner truth in the inner being; Therefore teach me the wisdom of the heart. Forgive all that binds me in fear, that I may radiate love; Cleanse me that Your light might shine in me. Fill me with gladness; help me to transform weakness into strength. Look not on my past mistakes but on the aspirations of my heart. This continual search of going deeper into prayer, searching for “inner truth” is a challenge and calls us to look at ourselves as we have never looked before. Transforming these fears takes time and periods of prayer. Facing fears would be easier if we could eliminate them as in a video game. We could then move to the next level. But it’s a journey of chance. When we think we have gained the most we find ourselves regressing to the beginning. But we do gain a step forward because now we are aware of that which holds us back. We find ourselves asking for forgiveness and asking to acceptance that we are as reflections of God’s image. What an awesome, spirit filled adventure into the realm of mystery and our “inner truth.”

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