March 1, 2016 – From Sr. Karen Bernhardt

March 1, 2016 | Posted in For Contemplation

During these days of Lent, we ponder what to let go of that hinders us in deepening our connection with our God and the world. We acknowledge that all things are possible if we open our inner selves to the new. Springtime teaches us that each moment is a threshold for something new being born. How can this season of Lenten grace be a time of more abundant life? The Holy Spirit is particularly active in times of transition and openness. “When paradigms collapse, the only creative thing to do is to let go, so that free space is created for the new to emerge. The letting go is difficult, since, among other things, not all of us are aware of the death of our primary paradigms at the same time and, therefore we keep holding on; we keep looking through outdated lenses and our vision becomes blurred. We keep looking for the living among the dead and, as a consequence, the resurrection escapes us.” -Barbara Fiand, “Refocusing the Vision: Religious Life into the Future”

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