May 1, 2016 – From Sr. Barbara Wincik

May 1, 2016 | Posted in For Contemplation

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to a close friend’s son’s wedding. I have known this family for a long while and have watched their four children grow through the turmoil of the teen years, as each struggled through various milestones. I have listened to my friend’s discouragement, anger, concern, and care as she and her husband struggled through those milestones. In fact it was like watching the evolution of chaos swirling around, having moments of calm only to be disturbed again by some known or unknown accelerant. As her husband reminds me, “you have become a member of the family”. But as I drove the four hours home I began to think about the marriage feast at Cana. Although Jesus performed the miracle of water into wine I thought about the miracles that took place during my friend’s son’s wedding. First was the relationship between himself and his bride. An eight year relationship that has transcended fears, physical problems, the bride’s parents’ divorce and the normal relationship issues that creep into our human lives. In spite of all of this, there is a love and respect that has grown between these two young adults. They have a balance that will be challenged as they grow together. Second is the celebration; of seeing old friends; watching the crowd honor and make the happy couple the center of the celebration; watching how gracious the newly married couple greeted those in attendance as they stopped at each table; and the balance they maintained being with their peers and greeting others. Third is the coming together on the dance floor; the celebrating crowd, keeping in synchrony with the music; a common bond. It did not matter if you knew the steps or not but you were accepted into the circle. Fourth is the ending song Piano Man (Billy Joel). During the song my friend quietly began to pull back those on the dance floor to form a circle leaving the married couple alone in the middle. As we in the outer circle swayed with the music, the couple attentive to each other slowly glided, sweeping side to side. How endearing and memorable! As I drove home reflecting on this event the sense of community became clearer. This young couple set the tone. To gather friends and family members of all ages to come together, to participate, witness and celebrate this young couple’s commitment to each other is not as easy as it may look. There were relationships not only with family and peers, but with their parents’ friends. How significant to be able to relate to all ages with respect and gratitude. I saw the miracle that comes with lasting and true friendships. I saw the reflection of parents’ values reflected in their children even though at times parents wonder if they have made an impact. I saw Jesus’ miracle in a different light. Jesus was attentive to the community and even though He resisted his mother request he listened. That is the miracle to be able to listen to the needs of the community and move forward.

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