July 15, 2016 – From Sr. Toby Lardie

July 15, 2016 | Posted in For Contemplation

This morning’s Gospel is the well-known parable of the sower scattering seed. (Matthew 13:1-9) Jesus talks about some seed that fell on the path where birds ate it; other seeds fell on rocky ground where it had little soil and didn’t grow well. Still other seeds fell among thorns where they grew and were choked out. But some soil fell on rich soil where it grew and produced fruit in abundance. I write this reflection at a time when our nation and world struggle with so many events of violence, chaos and utter confusion. People’s very real needs and the common good have taken a backseat, it seems, as words of accusation, blaming, and misrepresentation are often used as weapons. Our social media often latches on to sensational statements and flings them into cyber-space letting them continue to wreak havoc. I am reminded of a small book, The Four Agreements, written by Don Miguel Ruiz. The first agreement is “ Be Impeccable with your word.” In the short chapter the author outlines four characteristics of what this means:
Speak with integrity.
Say only what you mean.
Avoid using your word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others.
Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and of love. This relates, I believe, to our HM Living Document that declares: “As Gospel Women, contemplatives in action, we live compassionate justice and courageously speak the truth.” Each one of us has the power to sow the seeds of our words in the rich soil of truth and love. May all we say be a means of radiating love out to each other, our neighbors and our world.

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