September 9, 2016 – From Sr. Barbara Wincik

September 9, 2016 | Posted in For Contemplation

One of the most subtle changes that signal the arrival of fall is the change in the shadows. There is a difference in how the light is reflected off the leaves. The morning darkness lingers and the evening sunlight quickly fades. There are different evening sounds as the crickets and Katydids sing in unison with a cacophony of notes.There is mystery enveloped in these changes. In a month or so those sounds and the light will change again. There will be a rustling of leaves as they fall to the ground leaving branches naked and exposed to the elements. The night creatures will no longer sing. And so we wander into another season, another stage of life, or another journey. What is there to learn, to see, to listen too, to ponder, to reflect?

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