October 15, 2016 – From Sr. Mary Pat Cook

October 15, 2016 | Posted in For Contemplation

A rooster singing in the valley of death

“The only sound we could barely hear was every once in a while a rooster singing in the distance. The singing of the rooster reminded me of the Gospel of the Passion when Peter has his conscience awakened after his denial of Jesus, and how in a disaster like this our consciences cannot remain asleep. In front of such devastation, the question often is “Where is God?” Probably the same question haunted Peter when he saw Jesus arrested and sentenced to death. It’s easy in front of such tragedies to find refuge in the answer that God is not there. Meanwhile, the truth is that in these moments God is really facing us, looking us in our eyes and questioning, ‘Where are you?’” These words from Fathers Rick Frechette and Enzo Del Brocco, Passionist priests ministering in Haiti, reflect their experience of an 18 hour journey to help those in areas most impacted by Hurricane Matthew. “Where are you?” Contemplation calls us to look lovingly on reality – whether it’s Haiti or North Carolina or the violence in our streets. At times all I can do is to hold that reality in prayer – and let the silence lead me to wake up and respond to the God of Love who is facing me with that question. Do I have the courage to listen for my own response – and to live it? Quote from Fathers Rick Frechette and Enzo Del Brocco
St. Luke Foundation for Haiti and Passionist Haiti Mission, Our Mother of Sorrows

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