January 1, 2017 – From Sr. Toby Lardie

January 1, 2017 | Posted in For Contemplation

As we begin a new year, there are many thoughts about what 2017 will bring. Perhaps we enter this new time with trepidation, knowing now what we could not have known a year ago at the beginning of 2016 – that so many things would be turned upside down in our world: a turbulent US election, Great Britain leaving the European Union, shootings and massacres, worldwide terror attacks, death and destruction in Syria and other tragedies and difficulties in our families and local communities. Yes, we might feel trepidation as we enter into another new year. But a new year also brings new possibilities and opportunities, and so it is a season to dream and to hope. In a recent publication, the LCWR Presidency and staff spoke about what is most needed at this time: “Now is the time to heal the deep divisions laid bare by this bruising political campaign and to tear down the walls, real or imagined, which divide us by gender, race, class, geography, lifestyle, political party and belief. This moment, these times, require us to engage in deep contemplative prayer and to risk courageous action for the sake of all who call these United States their home. Now is the time to make space in our hearts and our homes for the needs and concerns of all God’s people, the undocumented mother, the unemployed steel-worker father, and those children and elders consigned to live in poverty. It is long past time to make room in our politics for those who have been disaffected, disenfranchised, and discarded.” https://lcwr.org/media/news/lcwr-presidents-and-staff-commit-gospel-values-post-presidential-election-season Our Mission urges us to continue to bring more abundant life to God’s people, to be women of the Gospel, bringing light and hope to all we meet. Let us move confidently into this New Year, for God who is mighty has done great things for us.

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