February 20, 2017 – From Sr. Carole Anne Griswold

February 20, 2017 | Posted in For Contemplation

In these times of transition, each of us are called to strengthen and witness to the values by which we live our lives. For some who are a part of a religious community such as the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, the witness of living in community is an expression of our values. Recently in the Give Us This Day (February, p. 58-59) , there was a reflection by Archbishop Oscar Romero on The Violence of Love. He speaks of the Christian community being light to give light. The community has found the truth in Christ and in his gospel and are joined together to more strongly follow the gospel. Every person is called to be light in the darkness. Archbishop Romero goes on: “In the group, each one finds that the brother or sister is a source of strength and in moments of weakness they help one another and, by loving one another and believing, they give light and example. The preacher no longer needs to preach, for there are Christians who preach by their own lives.“ Pause and thank God for the way your life is light and “preaches” the message of the gospel.

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