February 6, 2017 – From Sr. Carole Anne Griswold

February 6, 2017 | Posted in For Contemplation

As we deepen the life of God within us, we know that words such as “listening to the voice of God”, “contemplation”, “reflection”, meditation and other words and practices are familiar to us. In the February issue of Give Us This Day , James Martin, SJ, stated, “Of course any time spent in God’s presence is transformative, because God is always nourishing our hearts, soothing past hurts, and strengthening us for whatever awaits us.” He asked his disciples to “come away and get some rest” (Mk 6:31). As Sisters of the Humility of Mary, along with all the People of God, we look forward to our future to seek and know to what God is calling us. We strive to respond to the needs of those who are poor in our present day. The challenges before us are great, beginning with a current one of welcoming the stranger (Mt. 25:35) and caring for those most in need (Mt 25:40). James Martin continues, “So why not hear Jesus’ invitation addressed to you, today, wherever you are. Can you come away from your busy life and “rest a while” in his presence? He’s waiting to meet your there.” To what is God calling you?

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