Mission Statement

As Sisters of the Humility of Mary, we share Jesus’ mission of bringing more abundant life to God’s people, especially the poor, by responding to the needs of the times.

Gifted by the spirit of our founders, we believe we are called to:

live the Gospel through our vowed life in an apostolic community;

be like Mary in her humility, pondering the Word, responding in faith, living in truth, and bringing God to our world in a spirit of simplicity & joy;

seek strength and support in prayer, scripture, Eucharist, our sisters in community and the human family;

respond to the needs of the times with vision, courage and generosity;

open our hearts and homes in hospitality; and

reflect God’s life-giving presence to those with whom we live and minister, and to all in our global community.

To fulfill our mission, we commit ourselves, with the Church, as individuals, and as a community to:

embrace the diversity of all peoples;

work with others to proclaim the Gospel message;

use our resources to meet needs, especially those of people who are poor; and

do justice.

Chapter 1993