The Living Document

Forward Movements into the Future Relates to Who God is Calling Us to Become…

  • As Gospel Women, contemplatives in action, we live compassionate justice and courageously speak the truth.
    • Continue to deepen our evolving understanding of what it means to be Gospel Women in today’s Church and world through study, conversation, prayer and ritual.
    • Identify and discern together the needs we are called to address and prepare ourselves to take action.
    • Expand our public voice using available 21st century technology to extend our mission and advocate with partners for critical issues of justice and truth.
  • As HM Sisters, we collaborate with others, sharing our charism and spirituality, for the sake of advancing the mission.
    • Continue to develop the covenant relationship process with ongoing communication and consultation with, and affirmation by the Community.
    • Expand and continually develop mutually enriching relationships with our Associates and partners in ministry.
  • As citizens of the universe, we participate with all creation in the evolution and growth of the reign of God.
    • Deepen our understanding of both the evolutionary process and environmental issues in furthering the reign of God through education, personal and communal reflection and dialogue.
    • Continue to develop and integrate our understanding of the vows into daily living in the context of our evolutionary consciousness.
    • Establish the Villa as a hub of co-creativity related to spirituality, sustainability and holistic living.

~~ HM Chapter 2013