Becoming a Sister

What does it mean to be a Sister?

A Sister is a woman belonging to a religious community and living

  • a life given wholeheartedly to God through vows of poverty, chastity and obedience;
  • a life of prayer and spiritual growth that sustains her living and supports her ministry;
  • a life of sharing and celebrating with others in community;
  • a life of responding to a love that has chosen her.

How do HM Sisters live?

  • We share life in community.
  • We spend time together in prayer, conversation and celebration.
  • We support one another in ministry.

Contact our Membership Office and schedule a visit today::

  • to help you see if there is a growing connection with our community’s spirit and mission;
  • to explore your questions;
  • to reflect on God’s movement in your life;
  • to grow in self-knowledge

For more information

Contact: Sr. Mary Slattery
Membership Office: 724-964-8920 ext. 3383