Covenant Companions

The concept of a “Covenant relationship” with the Sisters of the Humility of Mary has grown gradually over several years because of inquiries from those who are experiencing a call to be connected to the charism and mission of the Sisters outside of traditional religious life.

Single, married, younger, older…There is a deep call within that seeks to express itself in a lifetime commitment to the mission of Jesus, joined in companionship with others on the same journey.

Women are drawn to the charism of living humility as Mary lived it. They are seeking a deeper connection with women religious who live that

The vow of humility is a sign of their commitment to Gospel service in the spirit of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary and expresses a new relationship with the energy of the charism at its root.

“Making a vow to live the Humility of Mary, I have found that I am living a deeper spiritual life, a life filled with love and understanding.” -Mary Lou Mack, HM Covenant Companion

What does living a Private Vow of Humility as a Covenant Companion mean?

 Living a lifelong commitment to God deeply connected to the HM Community through the charism of Mary’s humility.

  • Learning what the charism of Mary’s humility means as a spiritual gift for the Church and the world.
  • Striving to grow in the spirit of Mary’s humility
    • Embracing God’s will without fully understanding the how or the why
    • A commitment to recognize and use one’s gifts for the service of God’s people, especially the poor, and to work for the transformation of the world.
  • Seeking to live simply in harmony with Earth and in right relationship with all Earth’s creatures.
  • Joining the HM Community’s efforts to live the Mission of the Community in the spirit of the Magnificat.

The Process


Women who are interested are invited to meet with Covenant Formation personnel to express interest and desire. A discernment day is held for those who wish to learn more.


This time includes interviews, discernment, and an application process.


The 2-year process includes 8 extended weekends at Villa Maria covering various topics, prayer, sharing, and deepening roots with the HM family.


At the conclusion of the formation process, each woman makes her commitment, signified by a private vow of Humility.

Contact Information

Sr. Cheryl Rose: 440-356-6130 or

Sr. Toby Lardie: 216-970-6172 or

“After making the private vow of humility, I felt a newness about me. The best way I can express that is ‘WOW.’ I have a heightened awareness of who I am in humility. It challenges me to pray, live, and act with a different spirit—with humble love.” -Clara Kana, HM Covenant Companion