How You Can Help

When you give a gift to the Sisters of the Humility of Mary, you are helping us to carry the wisdom, courage, and sacrifice of our founding sisters into the darkest places of our community and world. Your gracious support allows us to minister to and serve those with the greatest needs offering hope in uncertain and challenging circumstances.

Ways to Support the Mission and Ministries of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary:

General Development/Where needed most
When you give to our General Development Fund, your gift gives us the flexibility to respond to the most urgent needs within our community, as well as the changing needs of the world we live in.

Care of Sisters
Your gift supporting our sisters’ care and retirement ensures that we can cover the basic living and health expenses of our sisters as they remain active in the vital ministry of our Gospel values while praying for all those in need.

HM Legacy Trust (formerly the Ministry Endowment Fund)
Your gifts to the HM Legacy Trust are used to support a variety of ministries to children, young adults, the elderly, families, and so much more, through many diverse opportunities including tuition assistance, medical needs, professional development, residential care, mentoring opportunities, spiritual support, and emergency assistance, just to name a few.

Villa Campus Projects
When you give in support of campus projects at Villa Maria, your gift is used to help with campus renovations or upgrades, landscaping, or grounds maintenance, etc. Your gift allows us to continue to use our resources toward the vital ministries of the sisters as well as ensure that the legacy of the sisters lives on for generations.

Other areas
Many sisters are involved in ministries throughout the community and world, such as Sister Ann Solma in the Slavic Village Neighborhood of Cleveland or Sister Judy Dohner working with Haitian immigrants in Immokalee, Florida. The HM Sisters are also still committed to their Haiti ministry, working with various religious communities and friends in Haiti to continue their commitment to the country of Haiti. You can read about these ministries, as well as all the ministries who receive grants from our HM Legacy Trust, as they are highlighted in our Milestones newsletter, HM Voice magazine, and our social media outlets.

We are so appreciative of your faithful support. You are an important part of our legacy and we are so happy to have you alongside us on this journey as we secure the tradition and legacy of our founding sisters for many years to come. Thank you for your prayers, your financial support, and for your continued concern and heart for the mission and ministry of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary.