HM Ministry Haiti

In 1991, the HM Community developed a Corporate Witness statement on Haiti as a commitment to work in solidarity with the Haitian people. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere. This commitment continues today. Currently, the HMs have three major ministry partners in Haiti. Two of them are religious congregations of indigenous women religious in ministry to women and children in rural Haiti. The Sisters of St. Antoine are a young community, established in 1996. The Little Sisters of St. Therese are the first indigenous women’s community in Haiti established in 1949. The HMs offer support with the sisters’ religious formation and have also aided in construction projects for both communities. The third partner is a Haitian community organizer from the rural village of Fonds-des-Blancs. The HMs follow suggestions offered by the people of the community in the help we offer, which has included a water purification system to provide safe water for the village and building bridges so residents in the mountains can gain access to the town.

Sr. Judy Dohner, the HM presence in Haiti for many years, returned to the United States several years ago and began a Haitian ministry in Immokalee, FL. The HMs work in Immokalee with immigrants regarding their legal status and transition to America. HM resources are also used to assist Haitians and other immigrants with rental assistance and utility help to prevent homelessness. Sr. Judy, with her ability to speak Creole, works with Catholic Charities in their food pantry and has developed a pre-literacy program for Haitians. She is also active in the local Haitian Catholic community.