Villa Maria Circle of Prayer

Prayer has the power to change anything and everything. We invite you to enroll family and friends in the Villa Maria Circle and join the thousands who receive prayer during four masses each week, as well as a daily remembrance in the prayers and apostolic works of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary.

There is no better gift than circling a loved one in prayer. This can be done in one of two ways: enrollment in Perpetual Membership or by special occasion cards (get well, birthday, thinking of you, etc.)

Perpetual Membership

Print and complete the attached form. You can choose from a large certificate or a small card, which is personalized with the information you supply and sent back to you to give to the person you have enrolled. It may also be mailed directly to the loved ones of the individual if you wish. Suggested donation is $10 plus postage ($5 for certificate; $1 for small card).

Perpetual membership form for printing: Membership Form (pdf)

Special Occasion Cards

A variety of cards can be sent to you to use at your convenience. When you wish to use one, simply complete the enrollment slip that comes with each card and return with suggested donation of $2 for one person for one year and $5 for one person for five years.

For more information

Contact Sr. Paulette Kirschensteiner at 724-964-8920, x3240 or via email at