Villa Maria Farm

Vital to Our Heritage

Operating on 759 acres, the farm of Villa Maria Community Center is an integral part of the heritage of the Sisters of the Humility of Mary. The farm serves as a symbol of the struggle and sacrifice of a small group of women who settled on the Lawrence County land in 1864 and succeeded in establishing a viable, productive farm when others before them had failed. Land management at the farm is based on spirituality, sustainability, simplicity and the preservation of all local life systems.

Helping Those in Need

In keeping with our mission of helping those in need, a large portion of produce from the farm is donated to local food banks, shelters and parishes. The Villa Farm is located on the grounds of Villa Maria Community Center, 1 mile south of U.S. Route 422 on Evergreen Road, Villa Maria, Pa. 10 miles east of Youngstown and 11 miles west of New Castle

For more information, contact John Moreira at 724-964-8920, x3385 or email