HM Leadership Team

Sr. Toby Lardie, Pastoral Leader

HM Leadership TeamSister Toby  began her ministry in elementary education, where she served as a teacher and principal. She was part of the Cleveland Mission Team in El Salvador for nine years, and was with the Mexican American Cultural Center in San Antonio for 11 years. Most recently, Sister Toby has been part of the HM Membership Team and active in the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking.

Sr. Mary Pat Cook

Sister Mary Pat’s entire ministry prior to elected community leadership was in secondary education for young women at Villa Maria High School, Villa Maria, Pa., and Magnificat High School in Rocky River, Ohio, where she served as principal for 12 years. She also has been active in the Collaborative to End Human Trafficking.

Sr. Karen Bernhardt

Sister Karen began as a teacher in elementary education, religious education and pastoral ministry. In 1987, she began ministering to Spanish-speaking immigrants in Florida, Chicago, Texas and northwest Ohio. She serves as co-chair of Partners Against Trafficking of Humans Stark, an incorporated organization against human trafficking. Sister Karen also serves as chair of the group's continuum of care committee.

Sr. Carole Anne Griswold

Sister Carole Anne’s ministry in health care began in nursing. She became involved with mission integration ministry with Humility of Mary Health Partners; served as a mission consultant to several organizations; and was vice president for mission integration for Mercy Health Partners (a member of Catholic Health Partners) in Lorain, Ohio, from 2001 until her retirement in 2013.

Sr. Barbara Wincik

Sister Barbara’s ministry in health care began in nursing. She has served in several nursing roles. After receiving the status of clinical nurse specialist in adult psychiatry and mental health nursing, she served the inner city severely mentally ill through counseling and medication administration for 15 years. Prior to being elected to community leadership she taught graduate and undergraduate nursing students for seven years at Xavier University in Cincinnati.